Christa Joe

Living on the Sunshine Coast – in beautiful British Columbia, Canada – is inspiring all on its own. Having grown up on the prairies and now seeing the mountains, the ocean and the forest every day is something I will never take for granted.

I’ve been blessed with three energetic, athletic, witty boys who motivate me to be better every single day.

My immediate family have all followed me west, something I am ever thankful for. My parents serve as secondary parents to my children, and the bond between them is very special to me. Watching my nephews grow into the fine young men they are has brought me so much happiness.

I am lucky to be surrounded by beauty in every aspect of life. Our home has been carved out to be our refuge, we step outside into our beautiful community and are surrounded and supported by friends and neighbours alike. Our friends are like family, and I value the importance of that.

And now, ART. I have a serious admiration for so many artists, I cannot even begin to name them. I can get lost in a piece of art, never tiring of it, in fact growing fonder of it every day. Our home is filled with colour, each piece reminding us of a special time or place. On days when I let myself get lost in my studio, my cheeks ache from smiling. It is my happy place, my safety, my sanctuary. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.