Donna Stewart

Donna Stewart is a self taught artist. Rules are not her idea of capturing the creative spirit. Experimentation is her favourite form of expression. Each painting begins with no particular plan; she works from instinct, using texture, colour techniques and processes with many other environmental muses. She lets painting evolve until it achieves it’s final destiny.

Donna uses a multi-media approach working predominantly with cement and acid stains often combining elements found in her natural environment. Mixed media abstract would best describe the category where you would find her paintings.

She chose the laid-back lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast not only for its wonderful dynamics but for its inspiration both environmental and artistic. She continues to develop her own style with help and encouragement of other artists.

Donna is a bit of a socialite who enjoys the outdoors and staying active. Her favourite days include creating art with friends in a nearby studio, enjoying the creative atmosphere, music and the imagery she creates. Everyday she continues to pursue her painting opportunities in the art world.

Her work can be found on her website and on Facebook & Instagram (search for all donnas art)