Juan Carlos Fernandez

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Juan Carlos has been a passionate craftsman since childhood. Model airplane making was one of his favourite pastimes growing up. In high school, he excelled at drafting and enjoyed experimenting with various patterns and forms. Going to architecture school brought a structural esthetic to his work. After this Juan becomes a woodworker and begins creating tables and benches with geometric patterns. Sculptural work came around 2002; he began experimenting with sequences of parallel planes organized into three dimensional shapes. In 2006 Juan moves to Canada where he attended the Inside Passage School of fine woodworking. His work ethic, attention to detail and enthusiasm procured him a temporary teaching position at the school. He proudly became a Canadian citizen at the beginning of 2015.

About the Sculptures:
Dividing and splitting volumes in a series of parallel and radiating planes creates a split image, a ghost like image when looked directly. A series of profiles that together make a whole. Adding colour to either side of these planes as well as to the edges creates an interactive, sometimes kinetic composition. Light plays an important role in Juan’s work, accentuating depth and exposing shadows.