Liz Christian


Raised in the San Francisco Bay area coupled with several years in Paris by a family immersed in art, I found my place/home for many years on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia immersed in the beauty of the natural world engulfing this area.


My art has been one of my life teachers, a vehicle for discovery. I am mainly self taught. My process is an exercise involving a balance between containment and letting go. There rarely is a plan when I begin. I allow the canvas and the paints to guide me.

Colour inspires me on so many levels and so my art is generally both colourful and joyful with many detailed surprises and nuances placed within the context of a larger congruity.

I create my paintings in a “raw” spontaneous way. I use only highly pigmented quality acrylics on large canvases and work/create intuitively. After many layers the paintings individual journey “history” of growing up comes into it’s own. Each finished painting is completely unique to itself. Always special and powerful in it’s own unique way.

My works foundation is mostly grounded in the natural world, exuding a sense of excitement or calm that is relatable. Mostly semi abstracts colourful, joyful and curious.

Imaginary snapshots painted intuitively free-form without rules or boundaries. I believe that is what makes each individual creation special unto itself with a certain energy all it’s own. Making them precious where ever they find a forever home. I know a painting is finished when I truly love and and care for it myself.
Instagram: @lizchristian2025