Sarah Hammond

Sarah Hammond of S.H.S. is a designer, artist and illustrator living and working in Vancouver, BC. Having spent the last 12 years in the fashion design and sportswear industries across London, Amsterdam, and Vancouver, She is returning to her spiritual Nottinghamshire (UK) roots to create art inspired by nature.

Sarah is endlessly fascinated by birds and animals and has been moved by their magic back home on the farm and in Vancouver, her adopted city. While constantly evolving her subjects, She continues to specialise in birds and animals, specifically from the Pacific northwest and England. She use’s a wide variety of media and styles to recreate their grace and beauty in motion.

Sarah works with everything from pencil and ink to watercolour- in both print and illustration – sketches, screen printing and intaglio etchings, on copper and plexiglass plates. With each piece, she aims to create beautiful hand-sketched and printed portraits of birds and animals that will bring a little part of the great outdoors to your home.