Sharon Habib

Born in South Africa, Sharon is a self-taught abstract artist working in acrylic. A late bloomer, she started painting in her 30’s and has been painting for over 20 years.

Nature is her muse. She’s intrigued by the processes of formation and erosion in the earth’s crust — the intersection different natural elements like water, lava and minerals, with weathering, decomposition, and massive disruptive events like eruptions, tectonic shifts that result in layering, intrusions and extrusions and a rich cross-section of shapes and textures. Her works explore the notion of crossing and intersection often observed in aerial landscapes. Her goal is to balance simplicity with complexity.

While guided by the story of crossings and intersections, she never pre-plans a painting. Sometimes she starts with just a shadow of an idea or making a mark on the canvas and trusting the next steps will reveal themselves. While this approach is one that consistently challenges and daunts her, “being lost” and “failing” are the precursors for her most successful works (she’s encouraged that Pixar encourages failure for the same reason!).

Sharon has exhibited solo and in several group shows in Vancouver. Her works hang in homes and offices in South Africa, UK, USA, Australia and Canada. She lives with her husband in West Vancouver.