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Crissy Arseneau - 80s Ladies

80s Ladies // Watercolour, cotton paper // 8 x 10 inches, framed

Working primarily in hand-painted and hand-cut paper, my pieced paintings and paper sculpture explore attention and contemplation, time and place, and our relationship to the natural environment.

My practice is informed by a nostalgia for the rural environment surrounding my childhood home in British Columbia’s interior and yearning for moments of reprieve from Vancouver's urban environment, the place I reside as an adult. Cloud watching in the reflections in the glass towers that dominate the skyline and frequent visits to the green spaces throughout and surrounding the city offer pockets of peace, wonder, and joy that inspire my work.

Each piece begins from a viewpoint of ecocentrism. In the forefront is the natural environment, with bands of radiant colour and stylized cloud formations frequent elements. Interactions with the built environment are subtly present through geometric forms, both cut and embossed. My own bent toward problem-solving, applying order, and striving for exactness are also ever present in the work.