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6" Philo Selloum

Light: Philodendron Selloum as a houseplant likes to be in bright, indirect light or dappled light with some shade. It can be grown in the shade, but if kept in low light, the leaves will turn a darker shade of green and look somewhat unhealthy with stunted growth. The plant can become used to bright, direct light, but it will see a rapid increase in growth and will need frequent fertilization to sustain this growth and to prevent it from becoming unbalanced in terms of its requirements.

Water: This plant has moderate watering needs. It is not especially thirsty, but it is not drought tolerant and likes its soil to be kept lightly moist. You will need to strike a balance between moist but not wet soil, as moisture is needed to help the plant thrive, but wet soil will encourage root rot and be fatal for the plant.

In order to offer the correct watering practise, water the plant enough so that water runs through the drainage holes of the pot, ensuring that all of the soil has been moistened. Discard any water that drains out to prevent the plant from sitting in water, and then, wait until the plant's soil surface is dry to the touch before watering again. Adding more water before the top layer of soil has had the opportunity to dry out will increase the likelihood of overwatering and root rot becoming a problem.

Humidity: These plants prefer a humid environment. In order to mimic this in your home, daily misting works best.