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Strathcona 1890 - Quick & Dirty

Who says gardeners need to be patient.

We have put together a collection of 11 varieties of seeds that are faster than average to grow:

Dwarf Gray sugar peas (57 days),
Miniature White Cucumbers (48 days)
Sweet Olive Tomatoes (57 days) or Beaver Lodge Tomatoes (55 days)
French Breakfast Radishes (21 days), note start them a few days before your tomatoes and you can get three harvests.
Baby Finger Carrots (57 days)
A Gourmet lettuce mix with

Green Oakleaf
Red Oakleaf
Green Romaine
Red Romaine
Lollo Rossa
Redleaf lettuce (all 28 days).
also includes

• germination and planting instructions

As part of our commitment to promoting food sustainability, all seeds in Strathcona 1890 Seed Collections are selected for growing in container gardens on urban balconies & roof top gardens. they are non-gmo and open-pollinated in order to help maintain the diversity of plant species.10% of profits from seeds goes to inner city food programs.

All seeds are non-GMO.