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Conifer Homewares - Spruce Planter

• Made from plant-based materials
• Zero-waste manufacturing process
• 3D printed in Canada

Never overwater your plants again! These indoor planters contain a clever hidden reservoir system in the base to allow excess water to drain out. By tilting the planter over a sink, the excess water can be poured out of the reservoir. Plants can either be transplanted into the planters or remain in their original nursery pots.  Light weight for easy movement and watering.

All of our products are 3D printed in Canada using plant-based materials made from fermented organic matter such as sugarcane, corn starch and tree fibre. Any scraps and misprints are melted down and turned back into new products, making our process entirely waste free!

All sizes are measured from the top inner diameter. 

For indoor use only, plants not included. 

Conifer was created out of a combined passion for nature, sustainability and design. As an Industrial Designer, Evan (the founder), had seen the wasteful practises of the consumer product industry first hand and was driven to do things differently.
Plant-based and zero waste.
Conifer recycles all scraps of their plant-based material back into new products resulting in a zero waste process.

All Conifer products are created using plant-based material made of corn, sugarcane and / or tree fiber.  Working with a local material supplier in British Columbia, we are able to recycle all scraps and misprints back into our raw material.
3D printed in Canada.
All Conifer products are created at their workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia.
By producing the products locally, they are able to further minimize their environmental footprint.