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Uni Design - Cookies n Cream Pastel Jacket

This jacket exterior is made from medium weight, pastel checkered, upcycled 90’s Ikea baby blanket and medium weight, camel, deadstock wool. The inside liner is deadstock. lightweight, light grey, poly-cotton blend. The neck, cuffs and hems are made from white,  upcycled, synthetic teddy fabric. Size M.

This jacket is on sale because it has a very slight water damage on the inside of the jacket liner.

About Uni Design

Uni Design is about taking something that already had a life, being inspired by that piece of fabric, and repurposing it into something new and useful rather than it remaining unused or going to a landfill.

We care about every piece that we make. Each fabric is hand chosen by the designer herself based on quality, color, durability, and material. All fabric is hand sourced second-hand or waste material. Fabric is cleaned and then cut into the shapes of our original patterns

Given the nature of upcycled materials, each piece is unique or limited. Depending on fabric quantity we can make a certain number of pieces and use leftover parts for detail.