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Erotic Tarot

A gorgeous deck of fully functional tarot cards based on traditional tarot iconography illustrated with an erotic twist by Sofie Birkin. Her bold characters and bright, playful images prioritize inclusive representation, encourage daydreams, and aim to empower. 

A booklet explains in detail how to interpret the cards and conduct your own readings along with the fully illustrated cards. Gain insight into what lies ahead and which opportunities to watch for, along with a fresh perspective on your love life. 


Deepen your personal tarot journey with a focus on love and pleasure. This fully illustrated 78-card tarot deck comes with an extensive booklet guiding you through ways of reading the cards to help you explore intimate possibilities.

BASED ON TRADITIONAL TAROT ICONOGRAPHY. A beautiful, complete tarot deck, illustrated with an erotic twist by Sofie Birkin.
QUEER AND TRANS INCLUSIVE. Queer illustrator who creates queer and trans inclusive illustrations
LEARN HOW TO USE TAROT CARDS. 56-page instructional text on all 78 cards and how to use them in spreads
PRACTICE SELF-CARE. A sex- and body-positive deck of cards that encourage you to tune into your desires
GAIN VALUABLE INSIGHT. Use these cards for divination in everyday or romantic matters
THE PERFECT GIFT AND COLLECTIBLE. Beautiful illustration-led and highly finished gift