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Huha Mineral Undies - Thong

Imagine a thong that doesn't ride up, chafe, or suffocate your sensitive parts. Imagine a thong so good, it converts even the most resolute anti thong-wearers and creates champions amongst grandmothers, mothers, and daughters alike. That image in your mind? That's our bestseller, the Mineral Thong!

🌳 Made from super soft, biodegradable cellulose fabrics
πŸŒ™ Zinc-infused* liner keeps you fresh all day long
🌈 Reduces exposure to bacteria
πŸ‘ Stays put without suffocating or chafing your sensitive parts
🌿 Full-coverage, dark green lining covers your front AND back (Industrial Design Pending)

Warning: *not suitable for those with an allergy or sensitivity to Zinc Oxide

Benefits of Huha Mineral Undies:
β€’ Breathable fibers keep you feeling cool and fresh
β€’ Stain and odour resistant
β€’ Inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi in the fibers