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Moroccan Azilal Vintage Rug: 3.6' x 8.5'

Shipping not available for Moroccan rugs. In store pickup only.

A beautiful, vintage Moroccan rug faded to perfection. This rug has been cleaned and is in excellent condition.

Hand picked in Marrakech • Dimensions: 3.6' x 8.5'

Colour(s): Black designs with cream background

The Azilal rug, as its name suggests, originates from the remote and rugged region of Azilal, located in the High Atlas Mountains, south of the city of Beni Mellal.

They are woven by Berber women of the region for domestic use and are made of 100% virgin wool, alternating patterns composed of a single line of knots and one or two woven lines, according to a ritual passed from mother to mother.

In terms of design, Azilal rugs combine abstract and irregular patterns with many Berber symbols. They are often decorated with materials such as cotton and wool dyed with vegetable dyes or recycled fibre yarns of different colours. The background of the Azilal carpet is cream or ivory.

These rugs are objects where every woman in the region tells her story. Rural life, motherhood and childbirth are the main themes. In reality, weavers appropriate the tribal signs of their ancestors to express their marriage, pregnancy and daily life.