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Sistine - Herbal Collagen and Retinol Eye Mask

The most delicate area of the face. Sistine has you covered in securing the youth of your under eyes. Keeping it soothed, moisturized and saturated with the finest natural cherub eye mask. Key herbal agents: retinol and collagen, along with a natural blend of ingredients, rid the eyes of fatigue, dark circles, crow’s feet, and wrinkles. Hydration is achieved, and puffy eyes are eradicated!

Size: .52oz

Sistine—a cabinet of formulas curated to match the protective and nourishing properties of earth's 4 spheres—with clean and green ingredients extracted from nutrient-rich terrestrial and aquatic plant-life. Beauty is our orbit— where the co-existential harmony of human and eco-care is balanced.

Lack of transparency and inclusivity were symptoms of an imbalance—impacting the way founders Krys and Mateo experienced skincare. While the duo patronized products with claims to a sustainable future, they were still met with brands that maintained a massive carbon footprint and compounding threats to the environment, including plastic consumption. This breaking point formed the concept of Sistine, with co-existence at the forefront. Ethically sourced and sustainable skincare, environmental stewardship, inclusivity, and high-end appeal without compromise on the self-care experience.