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Strathcona 1890 - Rare & Unusual

For gardens the likes of which no one has seen. Including the Joneses next door.

This collection includes:

• Pattypan Squash (a 400 year old variety)
• Atomic Red Carrots (First documented in the Middle East over 1000 years ago.)
• Black Spanish Radishes (The earliest radishes to be cultivated were the black varieties in China.)
• Red Malabar Climbing Spinach
• Ground Cherries
• Antohi Romainian Peppers
• Germination Tips & Tricks
• Recipe for pattypan squash stuffed with herbs & garlic.

As part of our commitment to promoting food sustainability, all seeds in Strathcona 1890 Seed Collections are selected for growing in container gardens on urban balconies & roof top gardens. They are non-gmo and open-pollinated in order to help maintain the diversity of plant species. 10% of profits from seeds goes to inner city food programs.

All our seeds are non-GMO.