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Feature Artist

‘Sound To Colour Vol. 4: All Roads Lead To Somewhere’ is a love note to the possibilities of an open road, a nod to that underlying feeling of what could be.

We’ve collectively experienced a time of being grounded where we were, and perhaps the feeling of being stuck. A slight stagnation as we wait for the possibility of movement to begin again. Tapping into that feeling, and her own desire for expansiveness, Ciele chose the metaphor or roads, driving, travel as the foundation for conveying that feeling.

These 6 paintings were created based on Ciele Beau’s experience having synesthesia. This is a neurological condition that crossfires sensory information in the brain leading to involuntary responses in another sense.

For example, when Ciele hears music she sees colour and shape. This is called sound to colour synesthesia (hence the name of her art practise Sound To Colour). Using her synesthetic experience to inform her painting practise, Ciele developed the Colour Frequency method you see used in this show.

The Colour Frequency method essentially translates sheet music into colour. So what you’re looking at are full compositions of music, from start to finish, in musical time, and in the colours that Ciele experiences when listening to that particular piece of music.

For each Sound To Colour painting series, Ciele curates a playlist of the music featured in the show and on the theme. This adds a layer of interactivity for the audience, and allows them to walk through the show and listen to each song while taking in the corresponding painting. The role of music and art are equally important to the work.

Link to playlist.

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Ciele Beau is an artist and designer, based out of Canada’s Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. She has a broad creative practise that includes painting, illustration, murals and graphic design. Ciele graduated from the University of Victoria, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Major in Visual Arts) and received a 2D Design Certificate from Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

‘Driver’s License’
As performed by Olivia Rodrigo
24 x 48 in
Acrylic on Canvas

As performed by Phantom Planets
18 x 24 in
Acrylic on Canvas

‘Wide Open Spaces’
As performed by The Chicks
20 x 30 in
Acrylic on Canvas