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Feature Artist

This month we bring you Salt Spring Island-based Stefanie Denz's gorgeous collection of local landscapes.

Join us for the opening reception Friday March 3 from 7-9pm.

Artist Statement

These paintings come from landscapes and environments local to where I live. I am drawn to familiar places, yet my terrain and foliage is full of revelations, and I marvel at how solid or vague they become depending on the light. These situations of confusion and concretization, have an invigorating and calming effect for me, which I find as well in my constructed paintings whose uneven surfaces add surprises. Later figures emerge from the scenes; family, friends, and others, painted at the same scale as the trees, and sharing a space of imagination. The places and people bring their presence to me and underlie a sense of who I am, and are part of my substance.

Show runs until March 31st.