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Goodbeast - Pebble Bud Vase (Matte)

Koyote Collection // Our uniquely shaped PEBBLE bud vase results from free form sculpting of coloured glass that leaves each piece as unique as the next. Approx. 8-10cm in diameter with an opening of roughly 15mm.

Matte Finish is created by sandblasting the glass surface and adding an eco friendly oil coating for a smooth look and feel. Olive oil can be used to refresh the finish at anytime by lightly applying the oil to the surface with a cloth.

About Goodbeast

Goodbeast is a design and process firm based in Vancouver, Canada, directed by Jesse Bromm and Tyler Archibald. With a focus on cultivating relationships between us and the objects in our lives, they emphasize function above all else. Each piece is crafted by hand in Vancouver, with the intention of creating a legacy piece that informs a sense of familiarity and nostalgia. 

Community and environment are an important part of the ethos at Goodbeast. Always striving to use as much recyclable or reusable materials in the manufacturing and packaging cycle.

All pieces are hand blown in their private glassblowing studio.