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Katy Biele - Floral Lady II (print)

8" x 10" • signed by the artist

Artist Bio Katy Biele (B. 1986) is a multidisciplinary artist from Chile, based in Victoria BC, Canada. Her visual language explores beyond medium and color to create imaginary and intuitive worlds.

Biele's work ranges from paintings to fiber arts, to rather expansive installations, using a variety of mediums and materials. Her fiber work is made intuitively, in a freestyle way in which she creates contemporary embroidery textures by playing with a wide range of colors.

Another component of Katy Biele's work is her painting style, where she creates washed out compositions with watercolors, often blending other mediums such as acrylic and embroidery together to create a dance between them.

Katy’s work has been featured in projects with The Textile Museum of Canada and the National Gallery of Singapore. She has commissioned pieces for brands such as DGH Yarn and Lululemon.