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2023 Featured Artists

January: Marlene Lowden & Teryl Mullock

February: leftovers group show featuring: Crissy Arseneau, Ciele Beau, Janine Dunn, Tina Flux, Helen Geddes, Gidget, Keely Halward, Zac Harding, Meghan Hildebrand, Andrea Hooge, Kandice Keith, Jean Paul Langlois, Shevy Levy, Meghan Paterson, Helen Platt, Amber Petersen, Jill Pilon, Michael Soltis, Andrea Soos, Christy Sverre, Ginny Vail & Caroline Weaver

March: Stefanie Denz

April: Alisa McRonald

May: Katy Biele

June: Jay Hanscom

July: Sherri Rogers

August: bubzee

September: Cindy Riach

October: Andrea Soos

November: Laura Jane Klassen

December: Keely Halward