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Conifer Homewares - Juniper Planter, Sequoia Vase

As with all Conifer products, the Sequoia vase line is 3D printed using sustainable, plant-based material. The vases are stable and well suited to everything from large bouquets to individual stems.

About Conifer

Plant-based and zero waste.

We recycle all scraps of our plant-based material back into new products resulting in a zero waste process.

All Conifer products are created using plant-based material made of corn, sugarcane and / or tree fiber. Working with a local material supplier in British Columbia, we are able to recycle all scraps and misprints back into our raw material.

3D printed in Canada.

All Conifer products are created at our workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia.

By producing our products locally, we are able to further minimize our environmental footprint. We also offset all of our carbon emissions due to shipping to be as sustainable as possible.